History of the chapel

White Chapel, located just minutes from Interstate 44 and a mere 1/2 mile off of famous Route 66 in historic downtown Sullivan, MO, was constructed in 1907 by the congregation of St. John’ s Episcopal Church. The structure served as their place of worship until it was purchased in the mid-1960s by the First Church of Christ, Scientist, who met there for the next 50 years.

In 2015, with the now century-old edifice facing demolition, a local partnership purchased the little white church and began major renovations and remodeling. Today the gleaming white structure, with its 12 ornate stained glass windows and spacious 30-foot vaulted ceilings, is the perfect venue for intimate weddings and social gatherings.


In 2016 the White Chapel was in severe disrepair. With a local church looking at purchasing the structure, with plans to clear the property for a parking lot, a local partnership consisting of Tony & Beth Wessler, Alan Mastin, and J.T. Hardy purchased the structure. Their plans were to renovate the property and bring it back to some former glory, and use it for intimate weddings, and other small gatherings. 

Once demolition started, it became apparent that the building held many beautiful secrets, lost to time, including 30' vaulted ceilings, and the original stucco walls. The renovation included resoration and repair of the staircase, doors, and 12 beautiful stained glass windows. 

Today White Chapel is a step into the past, with modern conveniences, careful not to hide the historic beauty of the building.

Not Just for Weddings

We admit that when we began restoring the property, we were focused on weddings as the primary purpose of the structure, thus the name "White CHAPEL". We found, however, that after work progressed the structure would work incredibly well for all types of gatherings including club meetings, formal dinners, and many other types of social get-togethers.


For more information on renting the chapel for your event, contact us at  info@whitechapelofsullivan.com or (573) 468-2460, and be sure to Like our Facebook page.